IF and IE

July 17, 2007

Intermittent fasting as many of you know from previous posts has proven positive health benefits. But so does intermittent exercise.

IE is a term I'm coining (well one of our instructors Eugene really thought it up) to describe the type of exercise that Slow Burn is as well as other forms of high intensity exercise (HIT for short).

IE in many ways mimics the process by which IF enhances health. IFing, as I call it when I'm doing it, allows the body to take a rest and recuperate form it's hard work. Eating and digesting is hard work on the body and though it gives us life, it takes it's toll.

Ya can't get something for nothing.

IEing is a way to allow for the same. By allowing for adequate rest and recovery, the body will reward us with better health, strength and vitality.

Remember, exercise is a stressor - and though it gives us a health, it takes it's toll too.

IFIE may sound iffy, but give it a try and you may just feel spiffy.

OK I'll stop.