Intermittant Fasting

June 21, 2007

My co-author Michael Eades, M.D. has blogged on this 'dieting' technique in the past so I'm not going to try and do it better. Why? Because I can't!

My wife and I have IF'd (our pet name for it) several times and it has always helped spark fat loss, increase energy, and improve our pocket change.

And it's relatively easy. It really is. It's a lot easier than eating like a hamster, nibbling away at a smattering of calories throughout the day. Eating an amount of calories sufficient for a small rodent does aid fat loss, but it also has the unfortunate side effect of making you so ornery you feel like braining everyone you meet.

According to Robb Wolf, a trainer and research chemist who has extensive knowledge on IF:

"The research shows that IF increases IGF (insulin like growth factor)  and pulsitile growth hormone release to a remarkable degree."

What this means is that it's great for building strength and muscle mass - if your strength training at the same time of course.

He also says that:

"I think If used selectively ( a cyclic low carb diet...perhaps not
every day IF) intermittent fasting could augment the efforts of a
bodybuilding program. I do not think there is any doubt it can
accentuate health and longevity."

So to boost fat loss, aid muscle gain and potentially greatly improve health and longevity (all the while saving some cold cash and not feeling like commiting murder), give intermittent fasting a try!

Caveat: People with health disorders, the elderly and children should NOT IF.