Mighty Tykes TM

December 19, 2005

We are proud to say that over the last several years we have trained many youngsters at Serious Strength with profound results. I can't tell you how uplifting it is to see youngsters lose fat, gain strength and self confidence. In fact, it has become a passion of mine. After I get a few things in place, big things in this area are a'comin.

Example: One young man went from 240 pounds to 170 pounds in a year.

One young man recently went from 146 to 128 in three months. (UPDATE: Our once pudgy young man weighed in yesterday at 114.6 pounds and scored 20 points for his basketball team single handedly - this is half the point scored for the entire team! Go Michael!!) He became a completely different person. At Thanksgiving no one recognized him. His sports play has improved and he feels great by his own admission. His brother who also trains with us was plagued with sports injuries before coming to Serious Strength. No more. You must hand it to this family for investing in their children's s welfare as they do. Both the mom and the grandfather also exercise with us. The grandfather who is now 70 seems not to have aged in the 4 years he has trained with me.

A newcomer has, in only 5 sessions, improved his tennis shots to where his coach and his mother are watching him crush the ball where before he could only barley get it over the net from half court. I love it.

Strength training is critical for obese children and for children who are engaged in sports play. While physical activity is a joy, research indicates that it does next to nothing for weight loss in obese children. For more information on how you can get your child lean and mighty, contact us at info@seriousstrength.com