My First Game of BlogTag

August 19, 2007

I've been cordially invited to play tag by Regina Wilshire (who's blog is A # 1).  While flattered, I'm at a loss of what to write.

Let's see I'm supposed to write 8 things about me. OK, here goes:

1. I study voice and singing. While I'm no Sinatra, some say I'm pretty good. At a big Karaoke birthday party a few months back after singing a Simon and Garfunkel song, the crowd roared. They made me sing again. So, I started training with Marjorie Kahn, a wonderful teacher and singer in her own right. Broadway here I come.

2. Back in the day I studied acting. In fact, Ed Norton (Fight Club, American History X, etc.) was in my acting class and asked me to audition with him for the Actors Studio. One day I got picked out of a crowd while doing extra work on the film Quiz Show directed by Robert Redford. Apparently one of the speaking roles was vacated by an inept actor and Bob needed to refill the part with someone else on the spot. So I waited over an hour and lo and behold the assistant director came over to me and said "Bob will audition you now." He escorted me up to a balcony area in the NY Public Library where the film was being shot and we waited for Bob to come. Over his radio I hear "Bob's on the way." I looked over the railing and there was Robert Redford heading my way. To make a really long story short I passed the audition. If you rent the movie, I'm the reporter (no beard) prodding John Turturro to let me take a picture of him with the other lead character. It's towards the end of the movie. (You have to play it in wide screen to see all of me.) Sadly, they did not give me any credit at the end of the flick.

3.  I'm a lefty but when I played baseball in college, I hit righty. I can't hit lefty to save my life. Weird, right?

4. My 2 nostrils are completely different in shape. Weirder right?

5.  I am an atheist. And this frightens me. 

6.  I can't figure out how to do tags, I cannot figure out Squidoo, I am clueless as to how to get my blog information on technorati or blogspot. I am an webdiot (did I just invent that?)

7.  My wife is one of the best cooks/chefs in the northern hemisphere. Hence my quest for 5% body fat is being thwarted.

8. I LOVE making people stronger. I LOVE seeing people become healthier. I LOVE helping children grow in confidence and excel at their activities via strength training. I LOVE helping people.

Now, given #6, how do you tag other people to play? Can anyone help?