Opinion vs. Fact - Who's your Daddy?

April 06, 2006

Fact I hope.

I am shocked and amazed at how many people argue that which they do not know.

"Meat is not good for you! It's dirty." one woman declared on the phone to me the other day. (You can read my last blog for the folly behind this statement.)

"Well even so, stretching is just plain common sense." a PhD in exercise science wrote after being presented with umpteenth research studies showing that stretching does absolutely nothing to enhance muscles, joints, etc. and can actually harm joints and decrease athletic performance.

"I don't need muscles!" a woman vented a few months back. Let's imagine her without any shall we? I don't think we need science to help us here.

"Walking is the best form of exercise." Joe D the M.D. confidently proclaimed in a conversation with him about 'wellness' (how I abhor this word). Walk all you like doc, but research indicates clearly that active people (sans resistance training) and sedentary people lose muscle and bone at the exact same rate. Shouldn't he know this before he goes around saying this stuff?

"I don't believe in weights." a top trainer claims (referring to weight lifting). Believe in them? I mean, what do you say in response to this except "OK."

"The only thing that works for me is Yoga." a woman steadfastly said to me after calling for info on my training services. And when pressed, admitted she has never done anything but.

Sometimes I get so frustrated I want to get my real estate license and sell huts in Costa Rica (they don't have a military budget - I like that).

All ideas to combat this my opinion supercedes fact phenomenon are like sooooo welcome.

And what does this all mean for you? When a trainer, doctor, therapist, etc. tells you something that can affect you in multiple ways, demand the science and ditch their opinion.