Our Little Eden

August 22, 2007

Owning a farm house is a lot of work and it brings a lot of joy. Img_1185 


A little bunny ate our cilantro plants and the gophers are eating everything. The $12.99 plastic bobble-head owl has done little. Sometimes I think I can hear the critters laughing at it.

Here's what the critters didn't get however. From our bushes and trees.


The strawberries are...unreal. The blueberries make you pucker with a smile. The plums are not quite ready to sckloosh into. But they needed pickin' as you can plainly see:


But soon they'll be scrumdillitious. Our apples and peaches are comin' round the mountain...take a look-see at our Mac tree:


Here's Linda desperately trying to get one of our 5 peach trees to behave:


And what does 13 year old Tilly do as we do all this hard labor:


Everything we grow is organic and never sprayed with anything.

Love and rain and the eatin's good! You can do it too! You'd be surprised how little land you need. And, if you're a citydweller, buy organic local for the same benefit.