So what's the point?

July 18, 2006

A new study funded by the American Council on Exercise found that almost every working person walks almost 2 miles a day.


Check out Table 1. to the left. (Click on the image and it will expand.)

Even sedentary secretaries walk on average 1.7 miles each and every day.

The mail carriers hoofed a whopping 7.5 miles on a daily basis.

I find this extremely interesting since my mail lady is grossly over fat.

Given the amount of activity that these people perform (and though not on the list, you could guess that if a secretary walks 1.7 miles a day, stay-at-home moms probably dwarf this) why is obesity on the rise?

Well I know the answer, but it certainly isn't inactivity.

Incidentally, right next to the end of the study article was an add for Buying a Pedometer with a free booklet on how to walk off those unwanted extra pounds.