Sugar, sugar...

November 01, 2007

Jack LaLanne was truly a pioneer.


But not just about exercise. He had a dang good handle on nutrition.

Watch this and see what you think.

Just remember mom, dad, grandpa, grandma, doctor, nutritionist, dietitian, trainer, coach, chiropractor, etc. that:

Whole wheat spelt bread baked in the Himalayas is just sugar.

Pasta created in Naples and hung to dry near the Aegean sea is just sugar.

Cereals approved by the ADA, AMA, AHA, RDA, NIH are just boxes of sugar.

Yes they have some vitamins and minerals but hardly. And most of these are not bioavailable. Compared to veggies and fruits grains are a joke.

Being told we NEED grain in our diet is a canard, a prevarication - a big, fat, stinking lie. And for those who really want to read how bad grains are - go here. Read, know.