Thanksgiving Day Challenge

November 05, 2010


OK strength fans there are only twenty days to Thanksgiving. So I'm tossing out a challenge.

For the next twenty days ditch all your grains and starches. If you don't know what a grain or a starch is read here and here.

Basically, you're not going to eat:

Bread, rolls, pasta, rice, potatoes, cereals, muffins, bagels, crumpets, croissants, biscuits, french fries, pancakes, waffles, toast, cous cous, quinoa, yams, tortillas, crepes, babka, pretzels, chips, corn, macaroni, noodles, rugelach, popovers, strudel, that twisty-bready-sugary-thingy you see in bake shops, bialys, hamantaschen - capeesh?

I made such a long list because so many clients have said things to me like "You mean I can't have toast?!" after I just said to them they can't eat bread. Apparently there is a disconnect between the actual material a food is made from and the noun used to name it for many people. Hey, what can I tell ya?

Here is what you will eat at each meal:

Meats, fish, fowl. Eat decent sized portions until you feel satisfied. (Eat slowly - chew baby, chew! Enjoy the food.)
Non-starchy veggies (no potatoes, beans, etc.)
Keep fruit to a minimum - one piece a day.

Also, you want to add some healthy fats. I recommend 2 table spoons of coconut butter or 2 shots of extra virgin olive oil on your meats and salads. You don't want this to be a low calorie experiment. You want to keep calories up but the carbs to nil.

Here's what you do:

1. Weigh yourself today in the raw. Write the number down.
2. Take a pic of yourself in a bathing suit of your choice or close fitting clothes. (You will take your after pic in the exact same clothes.) Cut your face off if you like.
(NOTE: I will never, ever, ever use photos without permission.)
3. The day of Thanksgiving weigh in again and take the after pic with the exact same clothes and preferably in the exact same position. Here is an example of good comparison photography:


Take a pic of yourself like this (ladies it can be a once piece suit if you wish but its not as good for seeing changes) for the back side as well. A side shot with the hands on the head away from the face is a plus. Men please don't use those long baggy hip-hop bathing suits.

The winner of the challenge gets:

1. An autographed copy of both my books
2. 5 FREE personal training sessions with yours truly

You can gift the sessions to someone if you don't live in NYC. Weight loss alone does not determine the winner. It's the overall change that counts. And yes, I am the sole judge and jury on this one.

Tips to win:

1. Avoid alcohol
2. Avoid caffeine
3. Drink a gallon or more of cool water throughout the day
4. Avoid diet sodas
5. Sleep for 8 hours a night
6. Strength train twice a week. It doesn't have to be Slow Burn but lift weights in a progressive manner
7. Take a digestive enzyme and a probiotic of high quality
8. Stop doing excessive aerobics. Walk or swim but keep it enjoyable and easy
9. Avoid saunas and anything that causes excessive water loss
10. Watch comedies and laugh a lot. This improves hormonal tone by reducing stress

Questions, comments and arguments are pleasantly accepted.

Alright - let the games begin!