What Steroids Really Do

March 22, 2012

Anabolic steroids are, unfortunately, used by many athletes and body builders to enhance their muscularity and strength. In professional sports their use is illegal. But they are legal in pro body building.

The drugs have come a long way since their beginning. No one knows for sure when athletes and specifically body builders began using them but there seems to be no debate that their use was fairly widespread in the 1960's and onward. The body builders of yesteryear like Arnold, Lou, Zane and Franco couldn't even stand on the stage with the 'roided out monter's of today let alone win a contest. Take a look at the top pic of a modern body builder and an old timer from the 1970's Franco Colombu:

Franco is impressive, but he wouldn't stand a chance in a contest of size and muscularity.

There are a few people who poo-poo their effect, stating that these drugs don't do all that much for building size and strength and would have you believe that their training is what has made them into the montsters they are. Sure the drugs help they'll say, but they are but a small boost to their hard work and gym ethic of these athletes. This of course is absurd.

Take a look at Gunter Schlierkamp back in the 1980's.

And look at him today off the juice:

Just a bit different, no? He looks like a normal guy who lifts weights.

Here's my arm in comparison:

fred pix II Aug 22 2009 003

So believe me when I say that anabolic steroids are the reason for the size of these body builders - just in case you were wondering. Not exactly the most informative blog of mine to date, but I felt it had to be said.