Words of Wisdom

February 11, 2012



Saturated fat directly causes cardiovascular disease
Pilates lengthens muscles and tendons
Free weights are better than machines
Cholesterol in your food goes directly to and sticks to your arteries
Weight lifting develops nonfunctional muscles
Cross Fit builds functional muscles
Specific balance training improves general balance
Weight lifting makes you tight
Whole grains are healthy
Meat is unhealthy
Veganism and vegetarianism are environmentally friendly practices
Vegans and vegetarians are healthier than meat eaters
Muscle weighs more than fat
Statins decrease your chance of having a heart attack
Weight lifting stunts kids growth by harming their growth plates
Multiple sets of the same exercise are better than one
Eating fat will make you fat
Synthetic vitamins don't get absorbed by your body
Omnivores have undigested, rotting meat in their intestines
Rogaine works* (I am speaking for myself here)
Other people make you happy, or sad, mad, or...
Aerobics is the best exercise for weight loss
You have to lift weights at least three times a week for an hour each time
The bible says: "The lord helps those who helps themselves." (Nope. Not in there.)
Jupiter has only 16 moons (It has 63.)
Lifting weights slowly will make you slow
Lifting weights quickly will transfer to quick movements on the playing field
Low carb diets hurt your kidneys
Oatmeal is good for you
Type II diabetics should lower their fat intake (They should lower their CARB intake.)
Atheism is a "religion"
Kettle bells are superior to dumbbells
Back hair is attractive
Heavy weights make you big and light weights make you toned
Doctors are experts in nutrition
Doctors are experts in exercise
Physical therapists are experts in exercise
Prehistoric man had shorter lifespans than we do
The computer chip will one day be as small as an atom (I heard this said)
You need to do cardio, stretching and strength training (You just need strength training)
There is such a thing as a "balanced diet"
We evolved to eat primarily starch (absurd claim made by Dr. John A. McDougall)
We are designed as herbivores (super-absurd claim made by Dr. Michael Greger)
There are different races of people

There. I think that's everything. (Do let me know if I missed anything!)