Working Out for Work Output

February 25, 2020

What are the benefits of SlowBurn?

When you feel better, you do better - at anything. That’s a fact.

Working out will make you feel and do better – but only if you let it. You want to build yourself up, not beat yourself up.

Most people are under the impression that exercise causes benefit. It doesn’t. Exercise causes a detriment – that your body responds to in a positive manner when you aren’t exercising. Rest is when you reap the rewards of your efforts not while you’re pumping and sweating.

By allowing your body to rest, you give it the opportunity to deliver the improvements you’ve asked it for (e.g., added strength, endurance, flexibility, mental focus, endless energy, posture and poise, the willpower to eat healthfully). Think of a long, hard work day and how a nap and/or a goods night’s rest makes you feel the next day. Rested right? Right. 

Strength training is the single best exercise you can perform to create the aforementioned benefits. And it takes just 30 minutes a week of it to gain these substantial benefits. You heard that right. And that's science - not science fiction! 

You want to discover the least amount of exercise you require - not the most you can withstand. 

Live strong and prosper!